Axones, your solution provider of 3-in-1 IoT devices for geolocation and tracking on an IoT Mesh network.

a 3-in-1 Smart Device solution

Axones provides the hardware and software required to set up the geolocation and tracking solution with its IoT Bluetooth Mesh Network.

Geolocation & Indoor Navigation

Asset or individual tracking

Mesh network of smart devices

Axones products line

A smart devices product line

For the creation or modification of your Wirepas mesh network, Axones provides communicating products to multiply the possibilities of your infrastructure with navigation, geolocation of assets and/or people and sensor feedback.



Smart building
& Facility Management

Improve the comfort and productivity of your employees in complete transparency


Facilitate the work of the healthcare staff and reassure your patients with Axones


Increase efficiency and optimise your goods flow

Axones provides the hardware and software solutions you need to set up your network

Axones provides its own line of connected products that integrate the Wirepas protocol, such as a Gateway, anchors, trackers and other sensors.

Geolocation, indoor navigation, tracking of objects and/or individuals…
We provide you with solutions from our partners to facilitate the addition of these functionalities to your existing services.

On our servers or in the cloud, we offer you a platform for configuring and geolocalising your Wirepas objects.


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