Axones provides its own line of smart devices with the Wirepas Mesh protocol. Gateway, anchors, trackers, sensors…

Indoor geolocation, Navigation, Tracking…

We provide you with our partners’ solutions and their various SDKs and APIs to facilitate the addition of these functionalities to your services.

On your servers or in the cloud, Axones offers a geolocation and configuration platform for your Wirepas Mesh network.

Hardware products



A Wirepas gateway with graphic interface (Wirepas, MQTT Flux, wired network or Wifi) with LED status feedback.


Mains powered Anchor

A Wirepas anchor, wired 230V, with easy installation on existing equipment.

Its “Low latency” mode (<300ms) allows you to increase the velocity of your Wirepas mesh network.

Axones module AX-ANC-FR001

Battery Anchor

A Wirepas anchor on battery, glued, riveted mounting for quick and easy installation.

Its “Low energy” mode increases the autonomy of the battery anchors present on our Wirepas mesh network.



Whether high capacity or small footprint, Axones offers different Wirepas tags to meet your needs.


A particular need?


You want to install sensors with feedback via a Wirepas mesh network?

Axones will work with you to study the type of sensor and the implementation of the Wirepas infrastructure in line with your needs.


Software products


Simplify your project by integrating our indoor geolocation SDK into your smartphone application (hybrid, iOS or Android).

Works with the Axones infrastructure or your own.


Looking for a personalised integration?

Carrying out a customised development for your solution?

We can provide you with access to the Axones API.



Dedicated or in the cloud, choose your option to host your geolocation platform.

Back office

A back office for administration, configuration and monitoring of your Axones connected objects and your IoT Wirepas Mesh network.

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