Smart Health

Facilitate the work of the medical staff and improve the confort of your patients.

Live outpatient care monitoring

For the medical staff and carers


Visitors to the establishment


Patients and medical equipment

Metering follow-up

Occupancy rate, CO2, temperature, ...

Smart building
& facility management

Simplify the daily life of your occupants and optimise the management of your building.


From your occupants to a department, meeting room or office.

Occupation and reservation

Rooms in real time.

Geolocation & tracking

Of your resources.

Metering follow-up

Simplifying the management of your building.

Logistics & Fleet management

Boost your efficiency and optimise your flow of  goods.


Equipments, pallets, from warehouse to delivery.


Merchandise at a glance.


In the warehouse and on your site.


History of the position of your equipment, utilisation rate and securing of goods.

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